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New 2017 - now available. Empties and Cleans Dometic cassettes CT3000 and CT4000

CamperClean Empty and clean Station. Art. NR. 14100006 (delivery time 6 - 12 weeks)



After inserting coins or pressing the start button, the door opens. Slide in the holding tank filled with waste matter (just like with a caravan or campervan) until the green LED light remains permanently on. Press the start button. The door closes and the cleaning process begins. The waste matter is vacuum-extracted and the interior of the holding tank is cleaned with jets of pressurized water. After the cleaning process the holding tank is instantly ready to use again and filled with just the right amount of fresh water and effective microbiologically-based sanitary additive.

  • Fully-automatic clean and empty station for all toilet cassettes from Thetford and Dometic

  • Automatic holding tank recognition with protection against misuse

  • Construction with advanced microprocessor technology

  • Sensors to prevent clogging

  • Integrated cleaning logic. Adapts to the degree of pollution

  • Highly effective air filtration technology for the avoidance of odor

  • Integrated injection of microbiological sanitary additive

  • Display for inserted coins

  • 2-fold pinch protection (electronically and mechanically)

  • Indoor housing. Ready for connection

  • Instructions for Customers GB, D, NL, F included.

  • model variants

  • Electronic coin validator or RFID card

  • Outdoor

  • Outdoor safe from vandalism

  • Illuminated Device front (only Outdoor)

  • Upgrade winter operations

  • Backflowpreventer EN12729, DIN EN1717 drinking water safety regulation

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